Training and Leadership Development Maven

Wonder…if the resources you put into staff development make a difference?  Want training to stick?

Frustration, waste and inefficiency arise when there is a disconnect between the actions of staff and the organization’s vision. We work to shrink the disconnect by identifying and tackling the obstacles that inhibit individuals, teams and organizations from doing their best work.


Training and Leadership Development Maven

We offer essential training resources that are visually vivid, memorable, interactive and engaging. Our content is specially tuned to meet organizational priorities. We have flexible format options, use industry-relevant examples and calibrate for skill level.

Timely Topics and Tools for Today’s Management Challenges

  • Making the Transition to New Supervisor
  • Harassment Awareness and Avoidance (for managers and leaders)
  • Hiring Skills: Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right for your organization!
  • Good Beginnings: Ensure your new employees get off to the right start
  • Meeting Facilitation: Team Meetings Staff LOOK FORWARD to!
  • Flexing Your Management Approach for Better Results
  • Diversity: Leveraging all the talent your organization possesses
  • Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Great Performance: The essential three C’s (coaching, counseling and corrective action)
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Compliance Basics: What the working manager needs to know about employment regulations.
  • Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers: Employee Retention and Engagement

The Classics: Individual Development

  • Time Management: Digital and Analog Systems – which works for you?
  • Harassment Awareness and Avoidance (for staff employees and stakeholders)
  • Your Attitude is Showing: Understanding your behaviors and values; how they shape who you are at work?

Tailor Made Training

  • Research and Develop unique programs based on organizations proprietary interests
  • Curriculum Development
  • Strategic Learning Plans for Key Individuals
  • Customized Course Development
  • Client Training: We work with your internal subject matter expert to develop made-to-order training programs
  • Train-the-Trainer Support Services: We help develop a your organization’s internal trainer