Case Studies

A glimpse of the way we solve problems!

training-iconElizabeth is the leader of an important division within her company. Executive management informed that each division needed to cut operating costs by 20%. This was very tough news indeed.

However, Elizabeth had considered the idea of streamlining before but knew her team would be so opposed to it she never pursued it.

With the mandate upon them, Elizabeth wanted help designing and evaluating potential strategies to achieve the cost reduction goal and better align her division for success.

  • Realize Your Best Work conducted interviews with Elizabeth, her boss the CEO, key players inside the department and individuals from other departments that work closely with Elizabeth’s area.
  • Members of Elizabeth’s management team were invited to a kick-off session designed to set the stage for a 1 1/2 day retreat.
  • Elizabeth’s management team retreat:
    • Used visual thinking tools to generate a tangible graphic representations of key processes, boosted engagement of participants and promoted creative problem solving.
    • Strengthened individual and team appreciation for cost cutting necessity.
    • Produced three cost cutting scenarios the team felt good about recommending.
  • Once a cost cutting plan was finalized Realize Your Best Work assisted with the implementation process and measured outcomes at 3, 6 and 12 month intervals.

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