Organization Effectiveness Guide

How well does your organization do what it intends to do?

This is the essential question behind organizational effectiveness. Despite good plans, good products/services and good hard-working people, many organizations can’t seem to reach or sustain success.

What’s Missing?  By learning about your organization on several levels we can identify what is missing:

Values, Words and Actions

our_best_workAn organization’s values are known to its members and customers, whether or not they have been articulated in formally, emblazed on a banner or highlighted on their website and promotional materials. It’s an organization’s actions, decisions and atmosphere reflect their values and culture.


Are the organization’s people an essential part of its competitive advantage? No matter your industry or niche – your people are key. How do you secure talent? How do you maximize the investment you’ve made in the organization’s key asset?

Structure and Systems

There are many ways to secure revenue, provide products/services, control resources and organize functions. How an organization is designed and how segments collaborate has a vast impact.


Many organizations confuse content experts with good leaders. However, inspiring leadership goes beyond niche knowledge, industry contacts, technical skill and credentials. Are people stewarding talent (a key asset) adept at their roles as leaders? Are they effective at building teams, solving people problems, motivating staff and communicating expectations?

How?  Once viable answers to the What’s Missing question are answered, our team applies customized interactive initiatives in a transformative creative manner. We translate verbal group interactions, in real-time, into visual images, facilitate problem solving and serve as a catalyst for effective communication, creativity and understanding.

Sample Initiatives:

Group Process Work, Strategic Visioning, Focus Groups and Task Force Projects.